Storytelling and strategy games are excellent tools to educate, and inspire employees to solve problems, to be more analytical and innovative.

CLICK HERE for an example of a very short workshop that helps participants learn how to leverage the company’s assets to sell more, and to create a community around their own products/brand.

Today’s environment of quick decisions, intense work, and increased competition leave little room for creativity and may stimulate paralysis by over thinking. Increased work pressures coupled with continuous challenges from business competition may, in fact, lower work productivity. As a result, employees can feel less empowered than they really are, diminishing the true potential of the individual and the organization.

To turn this around, employees need something that stimulates, motivates, and brings out the best inner thinking: storytelling, and games. Games dramatically optimize human experience. Games have fun elements built-in and create positive emotional states even as they simulate difficult situations with many obstacles to overcome. Business games designed to increase the group’s creativity and problem-solving skills are powerful tools that allow managers to step outside of old habits and refresh their thinking.

For instance, we can work with a SWOT analysis and create a Game where employees rather than just “understand,” now participate and collaborate in a way that engages them to act, and to change behavior.   People divided in teams, face each other in a game where they win points if they improve Strengths, counteract Weaknesses and find ways to support the company through immediate market challenges.

As a result of these customized workshops, client teams increase innovation in sales and marketing, improve collaboration, and grow the employees’ resourcefulness, and confidence.

Revenue: Play well structured strategic games to learn about problem solving skills related to generation of new leads, better ways of engaging clients in the community, and closing sales

Collaboration: Engage with others in the company in organic ways, intensify team bonds and relationships and get recognition

Resourcefulness: Learn how to overcome obstacles to closing sales by engaging in well-structured business games that stimulate creative and analytical thinking

Confidence: Take back home strategic tips that can be applied immediately to one’s work for measurably better results

If your company is interested in creating a workshop based on story telling and strategic games to improve revenue, team collaboration and trust, email me.

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