WHEN should you use the LiftOff! Program?

Have you ever experienced a mental block when trying to explain what your business is about and who your ideal clients are?  While it seems easier than ever to reach people through numerous social media channels, it is in fact more difficult than ever to capture people’s attention and to get them to choose your product, or service (your brand). While it is relatively easy to get a website and a logo, it is still hard to distinguish self in a sea of businesses

Are you now experiencing the pain of having invested in a new business or consultancy and finding yourself unable to express who you are and what you have to offer in a way that makes instant sense to prospects?

The LiftOff! Program could set you on the right path immediately if:

  • You are starting a business
  • You have just launched your solo practice or small business
  • Your business is in the early stage but you are not attracting enough clients
  • You want to assess whether your business offerings and value proposition are aligned with your customers’ needs
  • You want to assess the strength of your brand

Do you need a LiftOff?!

WHAT IS THE FOCUS of the LiftOff Program?

  • We look at the marketplace for possibilities in your space, locally or globally, and uncover a unique sweet- spot for your business
  • We define your ideal clients and strategies to target them
  • We investigate whether your story, your offerings, your company name and the “pitch” you lead with are aligned with your goals and vision
  • We delve deeper into your brand—the core identity of your business—through archetypal research. What sort of Archetype (or persona) might your business be (a caregiver, a lover, a rebel, a sage, a magician)?
  • We realign the business vision with the possibilities you have uncovered during our work so that you become positioned for success

WHAT kinds of CLIENTS need the LiftOff?

  • “Birthing” Clients— clients who have an idea to launch,  who are ready to jump in and create a life of service, joy and abundance  but are not sure where and how to begin
  • “Transformation” Clients— clients who have taken the first step and have launched their business and who are wondering why they can’t attract more clients

To help clients at these important junctures—the birthing point and the transformation point–I have created a straightforward, short-term program called the LiftOff!

WHY choose the LiftOff! Program?

  • It’s a short, efficient and results-oriented process that gives you the best start if you are ready to launch your practice/ business/ program but are unsure of the next steps
  • It revitalizes your business and helps you attract better clients
  • It helps you uncover your authentic story and your business identity so that you can begin to convert prospects into clients with ease
  • It helps you offer unique value by understanding your market better—and by exploring possible business models that might fit your business identity best
  • It makes it easier for you to choose the best online and offline strategies to skyrocket your business. Once you know your business identity you understand what model to pursue to monetize and what specific clients you want to attract. You will know who to target!

WHAT RESULTS can you expect?

  • You will understand your sweet-spot on the market
  • You will discover innovative ways to offer your products or services
  • You will understand your clients
  • You will learn to communicate what you and your business are about, by telling authentic stories that draw your tribe around your values
  • You will discover the process to convert prospects into clients

LiftOff! HOW LONG does it take from sign-on to final delivery?

We will have three sessions of 1-2 hours each by Skype.  We will work by email too. The process takes from one week to three weeks.

LiftOff! WHAT will you get?

At the end our work together, approximately two weeks (might take longer) you will receive a written document presenting you with the following:

  • Your brand analysis (archetype and identity) that tells you the best way to position your business and how to communicate what your business offers so that you create revenue
  • Your tag line, aligned to your name and identity
  • Your short pitch to prospects
  • A strategy to acquire your first client
  • A strategy to attract the best clients for you
  • A one page step by step guide to your launch

If you would like to assess where you are in the process of launching or growing a business/practice/program, send me a note and I will email you a suggestion to help you become more successful. Click here:  Do you need a LiftOff?!

OR if you know that you definitely want to use help to grow your business, then BUY NOW

1. The LiftOff! ProgramEmail me to schedule our work

2. Skype Session (30 Minutes) to discuss your challenge. Email me to schedule your call

During this Skype call, we will discuss your business, your clients and your challenge. We will see if you and I are a good fit. You will get enough information to go on your way after the initial call. Then you decide if you want to work together

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