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In working with small businesses I have noticed, again and again, many of the same challenges facing business owners. Wearing many hats in a small business is time consuming. Making the right decisions and implementing them successfully require strategic help and support. To top it all, for small business owners every penny counts.

The good news is that you can improve your results dramatically by finding and following the right approach for your business. For some clients partnerships opportunities with powerful distributors help build top sales.  For others, the right way to go is powerful new marketing strategies where we built online communities that engage customers in new ways to produce revenue.  For still others,  new pricing and redefining the audience produce great results.

“In a short period of time, Ligia Buzan Lifted Off my business. I am the owner of a small perfume boutique and the world is full of perfume brands.  Before I met  Ligia I was wondering how could a small brand like mine find a unique place and grow.  Now I am thriving and my products are sold in many WholeFoods locations. Ligia helped me to create a grass roots creative campaign of awareness to introduce customers to my products.  We envisioned and implemented innovative ways to reach out to customers, and started building a sales list. I improved tremendously my online presence and brand recognition by using the appropriate social media strategies Ligia designed for my perfume house.   If you are looking to grow your business, I definitely recommend working with Ligia!”

Roberta Andrade,  Owner and Founder, Elemental Scents

I believe that every investment you make should maximize your revenue. To help you grow your company with strategic marketing campaigns, streamline your operations, and bring in revenue faster, please consider the following two packages:

  1. Implement a successful social media strategy for your business! Click for more information!

The value for your company:

  • Stronger brand:  the strategic use of social media tools can help you strengthen your brand and attract new prospects at much lower cost.
  • Increased revenue: the long-term results of building a strong online community that appreciates your products or services  translates to loyalty and increased revenue.
  • Lead generation and sales: by creating opportunities for customers to experience your products or services, you can more easily convert leads into customers.
  • Stronger business long term: developing relationships with new customers who appreciate the unique value of your brand helps you build a strong business long term.


The value for your company:

  • Higher return on investment: Strategic allocation of resources helps you grow your company with less effort and with a higher return on investment.
  • Increased sales: Determining the communication and marketing strategies best suited for your company helps you build a loyal community of clients who buy from you and who are willing to refer you, which will result in increased sales.
  • Long-term growth: Acquiring new clients and diversifying your customer base through referrals will result in long-term growth.

I also run monthly Monday workshops for business owners, solo practitioners, and entrepreneurs, which are open to the public. Previous topics have included how to grow sales, how to use social media strategically, how to develop online communities, and how to build  referral programs that work. These meetings are free, but they fill very quickly, so be sure to sign up early. They are also interactive, so come with your challenges and be prepared to create a working plan. If you want to see if the work we do is right for you,  check out one of the next events. They are announced well in advance InTheWorkZone.

Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ligia (at) ligiabuzan (dot) com| InTheWorkZone | @ligiabuzan

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