Sales Challenge, Day 26: Referral Best Practices

I have heard many people introduce their business partners, or refer people in the most awkward and counterproductive ways. To build a powerful referral partnership you have to coach prospective referrers on how to present you and your business. Please consider the following as you develop referral partnerships:

  • FIRST, Explore Mutual Interest:  Start by making sure that both parties have something at stake
  • Prepare The Introductions:   Offer materials that describe you, your tag line, and your services.  It’s easy on the person who offers a referral, AND you also insure that your purpose and business proposition are clearly stated every time!
  • Explain What You Need: describe in detail the kind of clients, and the kind of deals you are looking for
  • HEAR What the Other Needs: this is absolutely essential since we are all excited about asking, and rarely stop to hear the needs around us
  • Explain the Rewards You Offer:  put together a comprehensive rewards system that is easy to understand, appealing and easy to act on
  • Help Connect People as Often as Possible: and do it without expectations, simply because you can and because you care.  It so happens that this is the perfect way to get people to care about you, too.

A lot of people are willing to help, yet the way they perceive your business, or your business need, may be completely skewed, and so, they might send a lot of unqualified leads your way. It’s a waste of time on both parts.

TO DO: Call on a possible referral source and offer to get together and learn how you can help.  If appropriate, ask them to refer clients to you!

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