Sales Challenge, Day 25: Credible Enough To Sell?

Brands communicate a certain perception, a promise, and a set of values that we resonate with. In order to sell the promise it makes, a brand must be credible.

For instance, Spotify, the music service that offers a large variety of genres has “Music for Everyone” as their tag line. With 60 million subscribers, of which 15 million are paying subscribers, the service pays approximately 70% of its revenues back to the artists. Spotify consistently embodies The Everyman archetype, as they offer music for every taste, and a free subscription, in addition to a paid service.

Tidal, a competing music service bought by Jay Z recently, fights for the same market. Despite the powerful names behind it, the Tidal brand persona is not credible. The lack of a free subscription, and their tag line “High Fidelity Music Streaming” indicate an elitist approach rather than the embodiment of the Rebel/Artist archetype they try to communicate.

Their recent plea of support on behalf of struggling artists was met with derision since those who own Tidal are very wealthy artists (Jay Z, Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Madonna, etc). The reputation and the actions of these rich artists who associate with Tidal make it difficult for the brand to project the Rebel archetype (struggling artists).

TO DO: Ask yourself what is the persona that your brand projects. Is your brand credible? Are your actions and message aligned?

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