Sales Challenge, Day 24: Your Own Hospitality Syle

Pampered Chef founder, Doris Christopher, launched the company in 1980 in her basement, with the simple plan to sell (curated) cooking utensils to busy women, helping them to cook in easier and more pleasant ways for their families. Doris asked her friends to host a cooking demo in their homes and to invite their friends, too.  Each hosted party brought more invitations and the company added their first sales person (or independent consultant), a year later.  In 2011 Pampered Chef had revenues of $ 400 million. By connecting so many women, Doris created what we call today, a community. The Pampered Chef excelled at the art of hospitality, and the company still thrives 35 years later.

Newer companies like Living Social, Grupon, and even Gilt help businesses get clients in the door by offering lower initial prices. Yet, they attract customers who may not appreciate the brand, and who will not become clients. They are in for the deal. Some companies start to realize that offering “deals” is not the best way to attract a following and to build a brand. Developing a unique style of hosting clients/guests is a much better way to sell.

TO DO: How can you develop a unique style of hospitality that helps your brand grow organically, and that gets you invited in people’s homes?

PS. As of April 21st, Google is changing the preferential ranking of sites, again, in favor of the sites that are optimized for mobile. Check HERE to see if your site is mobile-friendly according to Google.

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