Sales Challenge, Day 23: Are You Helping Customers to See?

Your brand communicates your message in many ways that appeal to your guests’ imagination. Visual communication is essential to allow people to imagine themselves, to dream themselves, as part of your brand.

Airbnb, the online community that rents in home accommodations, launched in 2008. The founders went door to door in NYC every week to take photos of the places for rent.  For a period of time they made no money. One day came the realization that changed the business: the photos were unappealing, so they sent a professional photographer.

ThreeBirdNest, the Etsy Store that sells knitting, brings in revenue of $ 80, 000 per month. Alicia Shaffer, the store’s owner, explains that professional photography is what makes her store stand out in a very crowded market of knitters and artisans on Etsy.

You have probably designed every aspect of the experience you are offering your client from how they would feel as they come into your office, or your store to how they engage with your sales people, and how they are welcomed back.

TO DO:  Are you helping customers to “see” you as you want to be seen?

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