Sales Challenge, Day 22: Selective About Customers?

In  2007 Bryan Johnson launched Braintree as a credit card processing service to technology companies. By the end of 2013, and several incarnations later, Braintree was acquired by PayPal for $ 800 million. In an interview Johnson talks about the importance of choosing the right customers:

“Bringing on a new customer is really expensive for us. So, we are highly selective who we work with. If they are a smaller operation who doesn’t have development resources, we may not be the best fit for them. Our pricing is designed to deter those who are simply looking for the lowest price. We say no to big companies. They want everything in the world and they want to pay nothing for it. ”

TO DO:  As you are launching you may think that you need to sell to everyone. Are some of your clients too demanding, taking a lot of your energy? Are you selective about partners, distributors and service providers? Take a good look and decide who is worth your time and energy.

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