Sales Challenge, Day 21: New Ways of Selling

Once upon a time, during e-commerce 1.0, companies used to snatch emails from prospects (to later try to sell to), by creating tedious sign-up forms, and by only allowing access to white papers, reports, or any sort of tempting goodies after the dreaded sign-up.

Oh, wait, that is still happening.  And it is very annoying. It can result in a lot of fake, useless emails.  Emails from real people who are willing to hear from YOU are gold. Emails are better than any Facebook page, better than Twitter, better than Linkedin groups. Companies like Thrillist, Birchbox and the DailyWorth are making a killing with the daily email format, sending their audiences curated information (and in the process helping many other companies sell).

The way we sell and engage with the audience is changing. Amanda Palmer gives away lots of her music and she sells directly to her audience.  She invents, creates, and recreates her show. Her latest feat is to crowdfund whatever she decides to create (she calls them “things”) and sells to those who trust her with whatever she makes next.  It’s a bit of a different kind of selling, right?

TO DO: What are you doing to build your audience, one person at a time? Is your process easy on your customers?

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