Sales Challenge, Day 20: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

In his book “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry“, Jack Kornfield, a well-known mindfulness teacher and Buddhist, talks about the difficult practice of dealing with the repetitive, the mundane, and the many failures, even for those who have reached high levels of success and spiritual development.

And what has this to do with sales?

There is a particular rush that comes with pursuing dreams, selling, talking with people, making deals, creating opportunities, and growing a business. In the midst of the excitement, there is the exhausting repetition of following up with people who keep cancelling, or who keep postponing the meeting, the practice of not knowing what comes next, the practice of getting up every time you fall, and the practice of keeping up the energy of pitching, connecting, selling and re-strategizing. This is the practice of “doing the laundry.”

TO DOReplenish as you run the long race. This is simply good training advice.  Do you have a practice, or a way to refresh your perspective as you keep crossing off tasks to move closer to your goal? Do you have someone to remind you of the importance of taking a breath, or of replenishing your life energy as you push harder? 

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