Tapping into your client STORY may be a life saver for your business!

How do your clients use your service/product?

It may seem obvious, but as a business owner you can’t assume.  For instance, you may think that a massage is a massage. The benefits are clear.


But if you learn more about how your clients USE your product/service,  you learn also how to offer best “products” within your line of products, for the most money.

One of our clients noticed that her female customers stopped booking full body massages in the summer.  With our help, she learned that most of her clients told the same STORY — these women felt that a full body massage ($ 75) was an indulgence, that they did not have the time, and that in the summer they also were more active, so they could achieve health more easily.   The massage was considered a “need” a “nice to have,” in the “keep healthy” category.

My client, then, with our help redesigned her offerings for that group.  She offered rejuvenation facial and scalp massages, showing how these massages helped relieve tension, smoothed the fine lines, got rid of migraines, and tightened the skin.  Suddenly, her schedule was full again. This was a “want” not a “need” for the women who used massages.  Our client made more money, since she charged close to initial price for half the time the facial massage took.   The perceived need for beauty was higher for these clients than the perceived need for health.  Rejuvenation massage was a “must have”, in the same category with expensive creams/aesthetic dermatology/ high end facials.

We help clients uncover stories of product/ service usability.  Tapping into your client story may be a life saver for your business.

Here’s an example of what we do.  Take this SHORT QUIZ and find out if your style is that of a Collaborator, Pragmatic or Independent in business.  This is an example of a survey that we design for clients to help them understand their audience and to help them learn the “magic” that helps their business grow!.

Here’s to your Liftoff!!

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