LiftOff! What is your story?

Every business, every consultancy, every practice has a story.  Do you know yours? And do you know how your story impacts other people?   It’s from that story that the vision for the business grows and develops.  Inside your story lies the greatest power you have to attract clients and to solve their problems. But how will they find you, if you don’t tell them how to distinguish you from competitors, how you can help them—and where they can find you?

What is the focus of the LiftOff Program?

  • We look at the marketplace for possibilities in your space, locally or globally, and uncover a unique sweet- spot for your business
  • We define your ideal clients and strategies to target them
  • We investigate whether your story, your offerings, your company name and the “pitch” you lead with are aligned with your goals and vision
  • We delve deeper into your brand—the core identity of your business—through archetypal research. What sort of Archetype (or persona) might your business be (a caregiver, a lover, a rebel, a sage, a magician)?
  • We realign the business vision with the possibilities you have uncovered during our work so that you become positioned for success

Why the Need for a LiftOff?

In the past decade, I have worked with a lot of very talented people, clients who went on to create businesses that have offered great value to others and that have brought my clients an abundance of work, money and free time, as well as it offered them an outlet for their creative gifts and self-expression.

Each of these clients initially experienced the agony of not being able to express succinctly what their business was about and how they were unique. Excited as they were about their businesses, they did not know how to share their products or services in innovative ways.  They did not know what steps to take to make a successful launch.  They did not know how to identify their tribe (the people who love their particular brand), how to position themselves in a competitive market, or how to attract better clients.

I helped my clients to conceptualize best ways to start, to position their business, to attract clients and to understand why the name, the tag line, a short pitch to prospects and the vision for their business were absolutely essential to their success.

And these clients aren’t unique. Over the years, I have come to realize just how essential and difficult this first conceptual stage is for most people—and how rarely clients go through this process intentionally.

If you would like to assess where you are in the process of launching or growing a business/practice/program, send me a note and I will email you a suggestion to help you become more successful. Click here:  Do you need a LiftOff?!

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