The greatest thrill

When I work with a new client, I see numerous possibilities to help them grow.  When we develop a strategy, we start with the best possible ending in mind. We let that final goal, the client’s top possible success, inform the choices we make to support the business growth.

It’s been six months since the moment I stood in front of a shelf of body care products at a WholeFoods Market store, and saw the possibility for Elemental Scents, a small and very creative  (perfume, shower gels and lotions) designer, to partner with the WholeFoods. It’s been a lot of work for us, ups and downs, and it took a dedicated team at the WholeFoods to support a local business to grow with them. This afternoon, 4-7pm, Elemental Scents will be in store in Newtonville, to present their five elements perfume and lotion collection to evening shoppers.

Do you remember any of your journeys from idea to solid manifestation?  For creators anywhere, it’s one of the greatest thrills.

How many chances do you give a new TV show?

When you watch a new TV show, how many chances do you give the writers of the show to engage and entertain you? The pilot, plus one or two shows? Or less? Your business is no different than a show.  Smart and interesting writing (I mean character, plot development and great dialogue)  can help your business grow.  Business writing is acceptable somehow, and it is atrocious. What’s the story you are telling, and why is it important?  What kind of data and what kind of presentation could bring your ideas alive? Look at Hans Rosling use statistics and numbers in a creative way to engage the world with essential, life saving questions.

When you bring out your work, ideas, product or service, ask yourself why would anyone give you a chance after they have seen “the pilot.” And if you think your “show” needs more work, hire people who can help you.  There are only that many chances left in the world.

What’s your body type?

Everybody thinks that they should use social media to promote their business. Are you among them?

If you so, imagine social media as the “clothing”, and understand that you must have a “body” to dress. You need a real body, not a dummy (pun intended!) to wear the clothing.

That “body” has:

LEGS– a courageous and creative set of actions to walk you towards your customer

ARMS- exceptional writing to help you embrace those who come towards you

A HEART– to help you navigate places where everybody does the same kind of marketing and loud sales (pick me, pick me is so ineffective);

A HEAD– to think creatively and to make YOUR business needed and unique in its own way

Now that you have something to say,  a good “body” of values and actions, pick the right outfit in your closet to express yourself: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.