What’s your question? (doing something different)

October has been very busy with the launch of new projects, teaching, and dreaming/birthing new fun ideas.  More on these projects, soon.

Most of you know that I run a free workshop every month called InTheWorkZone where entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers share their business challenges and leave the room with a working plan and with tools for success. Unfortunately, time constraints made it difficult to host this learning and working session this month.

So, for October, in lieu of the in- person meeting, I am offering something a little different: I will choose and answer THREE questions posed by the audience.

This is a mini consultation for those whose questions are picked,  and a learning experience for everyone reading.  I will post the questions and answers on my blog, and on my social media channels @ligiabuzan, and InTheWorkZone.

Who should ask: anyone who has a business; anyone who wants to start a business

ONE question: start with one question. Offer me a brief background of your business, add your website (if you have one), and any social media channels. Give me a little history, and a short explanation of the “crisis” (if any) or of your goal.

Business Topics: how to start your venture, how to grow sales, how to engage customers, how to use social media to grow your business

Where to post your question: right here on my blog, or IntheWorkZone.

Deadline for posting: October 18th

My answers: Will be posted on the blog, and IntheWorkZone between October 22nd-31th.

SCHEDULE: Next workshop, live, will be Monday, November 5th, 7-9PM. Please click on the link for details.