Build a Successful Referral Program that Sells! Monday, September 10th

In preparation for Monday’s workshop where we will discuss ways to build the best referral programs for your business, please start by thinking of the following, as it applies to your business or solo practice:

  • Do you have a list of people, or groups with whom you have synergies and with whom you network consistently? These groups or people could be great strategic partners that refer your services/products
  • Can you think of three rewards, gifts, or special discounts that your clients would appreciate?  Be creative! These can be related to your business, or not.
  • Do you have an educational give away (e -booklet, video,  blogs, articles), or something that you can teach others that would attract possible leads?

Monday, September 10th -7-9 PM EST

A referral program that is right for YOU offers your audience an opportunity and incentives to experience, talk about and promote your services/products. Whether you are a small business owner who wants to grow, a larger organization growing fast, or a freelancer, a good referral programs builds presence and sells.

This workshop is divided in three parts:

1. INTRODUCTION: I will open a conversation about creative referral programs with examples from different industries: 30 minutes

2. WORK: I will guide you to explore three possibilities for your business. You will work with a small team: 45 minutes

. LEARNING: we will discuss why your ideas work, or not, what strategies are best for your practice or business, and how to measure your progress. 45 minutes

This introductory workshop is FREE.

In order to make sure that everyone gets a lot out of this workshop, I will limit the group to 15.

Also, I am inviting you all to arrive a few minutes before 7pm. If you know you will be late this time, please consider attending the next seminar. Doors close at 7:10pm.

We will focus on working with present businesses’ issues, and you will have a “plan” and next steps when you leave the’ zone’. Email me in advance if you have any particular issues on which you want to focus.