The Art of Business: It Could Happen to You!

One of the greatest joys of working with clients is that I come in at a time when things grow, and when possibilities are unlimited. For a creative soul, there is no greater excitement. It may seem as if I poeticize business and the sales process, but for me the thrill is similar to when the curtain lifts, to when the “show” begins after many weeks and months of tremendous effort and preparations. We touch people, and that is the domain of the artist.

Take one of my clients, Roberta Andrade of Elemental Scents, a local Newton- based perfume boutique. The first time I got a chance to inhale the scents she creates in her lab I was so drawn to one of her perfumes, to a particular scent of jasmine and woody notes, that I could not let that little sample bottle out of my clinging hands.  I imagined this thoughtful woman in her lab, mixing scents, combining high, middle and base notes, testing, trying, trusting her gut, and creating something unique that may touch someone so profoundly as to get them to fall in love, to give them hope in the middle of the night when hope is almost vanished, and to get them confidence for their next great thing.  In these trying times, we have to make a living, but yes, we are blessed to be able to create, also.  And for all the challenges of being an entrepreneur, there are rewards for those who are willing and patient.

And how to bring your crafts and art to the world when you are an indie producer, and a small business?  For one, Roberta decided to offer a workshop where others could create their own unique scents and learn about perfumes– a wildly successful idea, and so in keeping with the S/HE (see, hear about, experience) of a product.  If you are anything of a creator, you may give her next workshop a try.

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