Grow Sales using Social Media and the right engagement strategy

Monday, July 23th -7-9 PM EST

Learn how to use social media to engage your customers and to sell. We discuss Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin

Please come to work on your business and see if what we do is right for you. This workshop is FREE!

Whether you are a small business owner who wants to grow, a larger organization growing fast, or a freelancer, you must have a social media strategy to engage your audience and to sell your ideas, products or services.

This workshop is divided in three parts:

1. INTRODUCTION: I will make an introduction to social media strategy, and discuss some of the best practices, with examples from my client work and from some of the most successful small companies| 30 minutes

2. WORK: I will give you two sales principles to consider and apply in your work using social media channels, so that you can grow your business. You will work with a small team and discuss ways to sell more, and improve your practice, business or department using these ideas|  45 minutes

3. LEARNING: we will discuss why your ideas work, or not, what social media strategy is best suited for your practice or business, what are the best channels to use to increase sales, and how to measure your progress| 45 minutes

Please write down your (perceived) main challenge to sales, and bring it with you. In the previous workshop, some participants came as observers, to learn, but their knowledge in their own field of expertise, and their life experience, helped their team mates tremendously. They learned by doing, by being part of the business process

This IS a two hour workshop of INTENSE WORK. Come prepared with a notebook, and with questions. We will focus on working with real businesses, and you will have a “plan” and next steps when you leave the zone.

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