In the (Work) Zone

Why in the Zone? Why in the Work Zone?  First, because working on a difficult, interesting or beloved project releases a powerful rush of adrenaline. It makes one feel alive and purposeful. That is the feeling of being “in the Zone”.  Or “in the flow.”

Second, because everything happens where work happens. We start, we tweak, we test, we adjust, and we start again.  It’s the excitement (or the desperation) that starts something. It’s the work that finishes it.

Third, because there is no better love story than the story of creating something that gives meaning

I get questions from business owners who would like to sell more, or to grow.  I get questions from entrepreneurs who would like me to help them validate a new idea. And I get asked to advise organizations as well.  I have created In The Work Zone, as a  “workplace” where everyone in business or willing to start a business can bring their ideas and challenges and work on them.  I guide these sessions and I support people with appropriate business tools.  The first entrepreneur meeting took place a few days ago.  Twenty people came and the work we did for two hours was intense. We’ll discuss some of the results soon.

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